CHBRP's 2017 AcademyHealth Presentations

CHBRP staff presented at AcademyHealth's 2017 Annual Research Meeting's State Interest Group Poster Session, held in New Orleans, LA June 25-27, 2017

Adara Citron presented “California Legislators’ Response to Inconclusive Analyses”, a qualitative examination of the trends and impacts of inconclusive analyses on Legislators’ actions. Adara examined CHBRP analyses published between 2004 and 2016, identifying which legislative analyses were unable to draw medical effectiveness conclusions based on the available data, whether similar benefit mandate bills were introduced over time, and whether the bills were amended or altered after the analysis was complete. 

Erin Shigekawa presented “A Rapid Analysis of a California Telehealth Bill: Academic Rigor on the Legislature’s Timeline,” describing CHBRP’s process for rapid bill analysis and the principal findings of a 2016 analysis related to coverage of telehealth services.