All 2017 CHBRP Bill Analyses Now Complete

This year, CHBRP submitted a total of 11 Bill Analyses to the California Legislature, including:

 AB 391 (Chiu): Medi-Cal Asthma Preventive Services

AB 447 (Gray): Continuous Glucose Monitors

AB 1074 (Maienschein): Pervasive Developmental Disorders and Autism

AB 1107 (Nazarian): Oncology Clinical Pathway Act

AB 1316 (Quirk): Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention

AB 1353 (Waldron): Drug Utilization Management Exceptions

AB 1534 (Nazarian): HIV Specialists

AB 1601 (Bloom): Hearing Aids: Minors

SB 172 (Portantino): Fertility Preservation

SB 221 (Wiener): HIV Associated Lipodystrophy

SB 399 (Portantino): Pervasive Developmental Disorders and Autism

You can find the full reports, along with the Key Findings of each report here.